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Network Updates - Feb 28, 2018

IUCN (Rob Glastra)
The Atewa Forest Landscape case from Ghana, about a biodiversity hotspot of vital importance for water provisioning to millions of people, on its way to be upgraded as National Park (achievement), but now under threat from a bauxite mining deal with China (challenge). 

RVO (Annerieke Sleurink)
We are planning to develop a Community of Practice of Financial Institutions for water, landscape and climate management in Africa (CoP FIWAL). Our call call to action for our fellow Platform members: which (integrated) landscape management projects are you involved with / do you know that have financial backers who might be interested to join this CoP FIWAL?

Tropenbos (Roderick Zagt)
Tropenbos and EcoAgriculture Partners are starting a collaborative project to develop a method that allows stakeholders involved in integrated landscape initiatives to identify financial flows in their landscape. The method should help them increase their understanding of who are investing in key activities affecting land use (change) and stakeholder collaboration in the landscape, the purpose and method of financing, the conditions under which such finance is made available and impacts of these investments. With this knowledge, stakeholders (including civil society organisations) should be able to increase their options to influence such investments so that they become (more) sustainable, or to effectively seek investors for the implementation of the integrated landscape initiative they are involved in.

To start the programme, we are looking for similar experiences, literature about and methods for such a participatory financial flows analysis….

Wetlands International (Merijn van Leeuwen)
In the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia we are rapidly expanding our work by integrating several approaches (DRR, WASH, conservation, IWRM). Recently, we have submitted a Sustainable Water Fund Application for the Central Rift Valley in Ethiopia to completement the work of us and our partners to ensure sustainable water allocation and reduced water use for food production on a landscape scale.

The role of biodiversity in the quality of ecosystem service delivery for climate change adaptation, resilience, disaster risk reduction and development is crucial, but it seems to be largely overlooked in many of the landscape work that is done. I am planning to work on this this year, and I look forward to learn from other experiences/work already done.