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Where Gender Meets Landscape

Nov. 20, 2017 - Nov. 20, 2017

On November 20th 2017, some 40 developmental and environmental professionals came together in Oxfam Novib, The Hague, to explore the complementarity and potentially mutually-reinforcing characteristics of approaches which consider gender issues and landscape multi-functionality.

As members of the knowledge platform NLandscape, participants hoped to use each other’s experiences and insights to strengthen the understanding and implementation of landscape approaches. 

You can access the session report on the right of the page

What’s at stake

A landscape approach simultaneously enhances the position of women and the sustainable use of natural resources in the area. At least that is what you could postulate reading theoretical studies and position papers. Is this what we experience in the landscape programmes we are implementing? And if yes how are we making this work?

What we do:
In the NLandscape knowledge session we will discuss our work with gender in landscapes. How to make food and nutrition, natural resources provisioning and other landscape functions benefit from gender equality. And the other way round.  We will take a deep dive in cases brought in by platform members inspired by lecturer and researcher at Radboud University Nijmegen Irene Dankelman who will set the scene in a key note speech on the question where landscape meets gender.

The program:

12.00  Network lunch
13.00  Welcome and Network News: stand-up updates from the members.
13.30  Key note speech: Where gender meets landscapes by Irene Dankelman)
13.50  Introduction of the break out groups around gender and landscapes and the cases brought in by partners
14.15  Learning from each other in small break out groups + drinks in World café setting
15.45  Feedback from the groups by the case owners: what have we learned about gender inclusiveness in the landscape
16.30  Outcome: synthesis: how to apply the learning
17.00  Network drinks

The Invitation: Bring your 3 key colleagues and network partners with you!

Organizing team: Madeleine Brasser, Ron Delnoije (Oxfam Novib). Yvette Faber, Emma Feenstra (Solidaridad), Nathalie van Haren (Both ENDS), Lucy Oates (LAndac), Cora van Oosten, André Brasser (CDI/Beagle Solutions secretariat)