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NLandscape Members @ GLF - Bonn 2017

Dec. 19, 2017 - Dec. 20, 2017

The Global Landscapes Forum took place in Bonn in December 2017. Many of the NLandscape platform members took part in the Forum, either hosting sessions, filling spots on the various pavilions or participating in the many discussion forums, Landscape Talks or other components.

On this page, we hope to present reports and information from participating members. If you have a GLF experience to share, please get in touch:


The main result from our side was the FLR panel we hosted in the EcoAg pavilion.  You can find that as a blog on the Lab platform here.  

We also promoted the Capitalising Conservation report from Clarmondial which the Lab commissioned.  This and the forthcoming CPIC Blueprint report which we also co-managed make important contributions to the theory of landscape finance.

Tropenbos: Inclusive Finance and Business Models: Actions for Upscaling

Within the Landscape pavilion, Tropenbos International and the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry with FASTSNV and the Forest and Farm Facility organised an interactive panel discussion on “Inclusive Finance and Business Models – Actions for Upscaling”. The report and further background information on this event can be found on:

WCDI: Building a Landscape Finance Module for the Landscape Academy

On day 2 of the GLF, we organised a quick and fast curriculum development session. Next to having a booth on LPFN's Sustainable Landscape Finance Pavilion, we wanted to use the opportunity of a session to harness the learning that had taken place over the 2 days of sessions in the pavilion. 

Perhaps due to energy running out, or our late time-slot, we didn't get as many participants as we hoped for. Thankfully though, we did have 10-15 well motivated and enthusiastic participants who gave some critical insights on what new information they have learned, what gaps and questions remain to be answered, what is different about landscape finance as opposed to other developmental financing and what resources they know, like and can contribute. 

Common points reaised in the session focused on the need to not only focus the finance discussion, and thus capacity development on larger scale financing, but also how to support small scale decision-making on investments; finance within the landscape and not just for the landscape. 

A key outcome for us as module developers though remains the 'fuzziness' around what is unique and different about landscape financing. Addressing this differentiation in an introductory module is essential to enable new partners and mechanisms to enter the domain and to enable the development of 'bankable projects' a commonly held current bottleneck to accessing finance. 

A module development process will be initiated in February and if you would like to be a part of this, please get in touch: