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Modelling Landscape Scenarios: Synthesis report now available

Jun. 11, 2018 - Jun. 11, 2018

Spatial modelling of participatory scenarios advances landscape stakeholder discussions on shared pathways supporting SDGs

- Synthesis report by PBL and EcoAgriculture Partners. Supported by the  Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Spatially explicit modelling tools can support participatory scenario development with stakeholders. This can be concluded from a set of casestudies in three different countries. The combined approach demonstrated the potential to achieve progress on multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) simultaneously.

It proved to be a catalyst for building landscape partnerships and can be a foundation for landscape action planning and inspire the development of landscape wide investment portfolios.

On June 11 2018, a seminar was organised to discuss the case studies, but now the full synthesis report, including the three case studies is availabe in Spanish and English! More information and the report itself can be found here

More information on the seminar below. Materials from the seminar can be found on the right.


Date: Monday 11th of June
Venue: The Hague, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rijnstraat 8, Multi Purpose Room

Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PBL and EcoAgriculture Partners collaborated to develop and assess the use of spatially explicit modeling and planning tools to support stakeholders in integrated landscape initiatives in exploring various future scenarios and assess their potential in achieving multiple SDGs. This seminar provided a brief overview of the project, the case studies and the main lessons learned. Also feedback on the project and the main lessons was requested and discussed.