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Landscape Finance Knowledge Event

Jul. 04, 2017 - Jul. 05, 2017

Location: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, 

Organisors: IUCN, Both ENDS, CDI/Beagle

The second landscape learning event was organised around the hot topic of landscape finance.

The preparatory team was composed of the following members: Joost van Montfoort, Jan Willem den Besten (IUCN) Nathalie van Haren, Paul Wolvekamp (Both ENDS), Cora van Oosten (CDI), André Brasser (Beagle-secretary).

The facilitator of the day was Caroline Leenderts (RVO-NL).

Central questions for the day were:

  1. What is meant by landscape finance? 
  2. How can landscape programmes access to larger investments? 

Guiding were the two plenary presentations of Carolijn Gommans (ENCLUDE), and Edit Kiss (ALTHELIA).

Read a full report of the day's proceedings on the right of this page, as well as key presentations and powerpoints from the session.