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Materials from the Knowledge Event on Landscape Restoration

Dec. 11, 2018 - Dec. 11, 2018

What’s needed to scale-up landscape restoration?

On December 11 2018, a knowledge session was organised on Landscape Restoration. Materials from the session and the report can be found on the right side of this page. 

About the event:

Date: December 11, 2018
Time: 12.00 - 17.00
Location: Impulse, WUR Campus: Stippeneng 2, Wageningen (see location)
Organisers: Commonland, Aidenvironment, IDH, Wageningen University Research, WCDI/Beagle

Restoring our degraded landscapes is essential to meet global goals and provide a sustainable future. But prevailing systemic barriers prevent efforts reaching the necessary scale. What are these barriers and what can we do to achieve the impact that is so urgently needed?

The knowledge session aims to create a deeper understanding of the different approaches to scale-up landscape restoration, gain insight in approaches applied on the ground and identify ways forward in the cases discussed. We will investigate the dynamics of scaling and how scaling should take place. We'll explore scaling from different angles, from scaling-out, to scaling-up and look at what scaling means for space, money and people and policy.

We will work in an interactive open setting, and bring the knowledge available in the network together around landscape restoration cases you are working on.

Therefore you are warmly invited to :

Bring your case

We will use the landscape restoration cases we are working on ourselves, address the questions and dilemmas we come across and share knowledge and expertise to identify steps forward.

Send us your landscape restoration case. Make a short summary including:

- is the case about (goals, geography, key target groups, general approach)

- do you intent to scale up to make sustainable impact (e.g.: hectares restored land? Farmer numbers? Stakeholders? Knowledge? Finance? Leadership?)
- is the scale you are aiming at?

- are you scaling up? What is your approach, what are the tools you use?

- key scaling question do you encounter in scaling up the impact of landscape restoration

And send it to by November 23

Tentative program

12.00  Network lunch

13.00  Welcome and Network News: the latest landscape updates from the members.

13.15   Opening session by facilitator

13.20   Key note speeches

- Approaches to scaling up landscape restoration

- A view from landscape restoration ono the ground

14.00   Open space: introduction of the landscape restoration cases Landscapes and the cases

14.30   Learning from each other in small break out groups + drinks in World café setting

16.00   The harvest: insights for follow up  

16.30   What’s next:  synthesis of the day

17.00   Network drinks

Bring your 3 Key colleagues and network partners with you!


Organizing team: Willemijn de Iongh (Commonland), Arnoud Keizer (Aidenvironment) Violaine Berger (IDH), Aad Kessler (Wageningen University & Research) James Mulkerrins , André Brasser (WCDI/Beagle Solutions secretariat)