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Food and Nutrition Sensitive Landscapes

Feb. 28, 2018 - Feb. 28, 2018

On the right of this page, you can access presentations given during the event. A report sumarising the key learnings from the discussions is being prepared and will be shared here shortly. 

Life Beyond Maize

Hivos, one of the event's organisers showed their new video, "Life Beyond Maize" during the day:

Life Beyond Maize shows Zambia's double malnutrition burden: stunting and overweight. A major cause is the limited diversity of Zambia’s food production and consumption: 94 per cent of agricultural produce is maize. The Hivos and IIED Sustainable Diets for All programme helps develop and implement policies that diversify Zambian production and supports consumers to diversify their diets. Because food diversity counts!

About the event:
Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) is a policy priority of The Netherlands. Many organisations are addressing the issue while investing in landscape approaches in parallel. There are commonalities in each domain; spatial considerations play a role in FNS dialogues, while landscape approaches fundamentally seek to improve the food security situations within landscapes. But, are we missing synergies between the two? By joining topics and dialogues, can we strengthen our approaches towards food and nutrition sensitive landscapes?

During the session:
Natalia Estrada Cormona expert Agricultural Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services will set the scene in a key note speech addressing the issue how to build food and nutrition sensitive landscapes. We will further dive into the subject by jointly discussing selected cases from the network in an interactive setting, synthesize the findings and identify the issues that network partners might take further. A knowledge paper with the key learning will be compiled and shared on the website afterwards. 

Cases explored:

  • Spar/CDI: a private sector way  to Food Nutrition Sensitive landscape (South Africa).
  • Solidaridad: Transforming  palm oil dominated landscape (Hionduras),
  • Care: creating equitable and sustainable future in the Ruaha basin (Tanzania)
  • Hivos: transformation of grain based croplands (Zambia,)

Organizing team:
Sjoerd Panhuysen (Hivos), 
Nynke Humalda (FBKP) 
Cora van Oosten, Joy de Korte, André Brasser (CDI/Beagle Solutions secretariat)