Modelling Landscape Scenarios: Synthesis report published

On June 11 2018, a seminar was organised by PBL and EcoAgriculture Partners to discuss three case studies. The full synthesis report, including the case studies, is now availabe!

Materials Knowledge Session Landscape Restoration

On December 11 2018, a knowledge session was organised on Landscape Restoration. Materials from the session and the report are now available.

Materials Report Presentation and Discussion Clingendael Institute

On September 17, Clingendael Intstitute presented and discussed a new report 'A test of endurance' by the Planetary Security Initiative. The materials are now available!

Materials from the Water and Landscapes Knowledge Session

On Thursday July 5th, NLandscape and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) co-hosted a knowledge event on Water & Landscapes. Materials from the event are now available.

This platform brings together the knowledge and networks of over 30 Netherlands-based organisations implementing international programmes with landscape approaches from different perspectives. Our aim is to share knowledge, learn from the expertise jointly built up and promote landscape approach as a means to solve interrelated issues in an integrated manner.

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